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Introduction - Background

Modelica Standard Libraries

Modelica Standard Libraries - Content

Commercial Libraries From Dassault Systemes

Hydraulics Library

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PowerTrain Library

Smart Electric Drives Library

Vehicle Dynamics Library

VDL - Simulate any manoeuvre

Commercial Libraries – Technology Partners

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Heat Exchanger

Modelon Thermo Fluid Library

Engine Library – Mean Value

Engine Library – Crank Angle Resolved

Flexible Body Library

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Dymola for Complex System Simulation

Multi-Engineering Modelling and Simulation


DYMOLA offers a fresh and exciting approach in the simulation of dynamic complex systems. DYMOLA is based on numerous application libraries covering an extensive array of physics and physical applications, offering the Engineer a platform where all of the applied physics can be assembled into a fully functional representation of the integrated system. Once assembled a DYMOLA model is an absolute description of the system physics, irrespective of signal direction or causality.

The basic DYMOLA libraries cover mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, thermal and control systems. The more advanced libraries offer in-depth application based solutions in such areas as vehicle dynamics, air conditioning, hybrid propulsion and many more.

Flexible and open evironment

DYMOLA is fully based upon the open source Modelica® modelling language. This provides the user with a limitless opportunity to create, modify and enhance the components within the simulation. Within the Modelica® environment, the user is given the ability to describe any kind of physics which makes simulating new designs and technologies a very realistic proposition

To experience the power of DYMOLA and to explore the DYMOLA Environment, please download a full featured demo version of DYMOLA

Exploit your technology

Dymola is at it’s best in the accelerating engineering development cycle where project requirements are outstripping resources and timescales. Dymola has the ability to quickly and easily quantify the physics of a system and the components therein in what is defined as a model based design approach. In this approach, component models can be developed, correlated and stored ready for use in any instance where that component is required and when the detail requires improvement, easily modified and re archived, This effectively reduces the effort of having to go over old ground and/or starting afresh in each modelling scenario