Dymola FAQ

What is Dymola?

DYMOLA is a simulation package for modelling complex physical systems for the purpose of determining system performance, physical interaction and providing a highly accurate plant model for determining suitable control strategy.

What is a complex physical system?

A complex physical system is where there is a combination of complex mechanics being controlled and actuated by a combination of means such as hydraulics, pneumatics, thermal, electro mechanical. DYMOLA provides an environment where such systems are modeled and solved in a single computation including all the interactions between the different components and a complete representation of the physics involved

How can DYMOLA help develop control strategy?

Many users of traditional control block tools experience difficulty in describing the plant model and all its inherent interactions. DYMOLA is designed to allow the user to construct a highly complex model of the physical system where all the inherent interactions are considered and the solution includes all these interactions no matter what the causality

Can DYMOLA run real time?

Yes, DYMOLA is equipped with powerful code manipulation techniques and efficient solvers which can facilitate the models being used in HIL applications. Further to this it is possible to extract embedded code from DYMOLA to facilitate process/controller optimization techniques.

How do I model a system in DYMOLA?

In its basic form DYMOLA is equipped with a series of libraries which cover the basic forms of physics. These libraries contain components which describe certain physical attributes (mechanics, thermal, electric, fluid…). These components are assembled as a series of objects into the desired physical system. There are further more advanced libraries covering hydraulics, pneumatics, electric machines, air conditioning….

Could you give an example to explain the benefits of DYMOLA?

Current regulations prevent certain motor racing formulae from testing, this is bringing a new technology into play, the simulator. The simulator provides a highly accurate representation of the car, its setup and the surrounding influences (track, temperature, rain…). In order to get a model of the car which the simulator can use, the computation has to be very fast, accurate and representative of the physics down to a fine detail.



overviewimageDYMOLA is proving to be an accepted standard in providing the detailed model of the car where each and every parameter representing the true setup of the car is explicitly defined and altering these provides a true dynamic effect within the simulator response.

This is now a vital tool in the setup of the car at any point with sufficient detail to accurately describe that setup.

The model of the front suspension to include all the relevant characteristics (Spring damper rates, camber, ride height, roll bar, tire) This is embedded in the simulator to provide the ‘lifelike’ response of the vehicle to enable the accurate influence of each physical parameter recognized by the driver.

What are the real benefits of DYMOLA?

Any model that is developed within the DYMOLA environment is an absolute description of the physics of that component, therefore, the model may be used or additionally developed with further detail to encapsulate the physical attributes and stored for future use.

This means that where ever this component/model is required as part of a future simulation, the stored model may be used as a starting point.As DYMOLA uses an independent modeling language, the models described in DYMOLA are accessible using this language.

This means that these models become future proof in terms of access and availability. This further promotes the ability to modify the detail of these models to an infinite degree.

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